Episode 19: The Current Wars (Tesla & Edison)

Mike and Kiko read a book and became obsessed with Tesla and Edison. One was one of the most brilliant minds ever and one guy killed elephants and dogs to prove a point. Also this fight could be the reason we have modern law firms. And there was a rich guy in Pittsburgh with a private railroad.

Episode 18: Kiko's a Dad!

This episode is a little all over the place, but after a week off the guys are back! Kiko is a dad now so they discuss that and go through what blew their mind. Also, a HUGE surprise is revealed from podcasts past.

Episode 17: Beer

The guys decided to extend one segment across the whole show…. aka the guys wanted to talk about beer. So they did. For a long time. Check it out to learn the history of beer, where we are today, and don’t forget what blew our mind this week!

Episode 16: Flat Earth?

The guys became obsessed with the Netflix documentary “Behind the Curve” so they did an episode on it! While its mainly about their thoughts on the reasoning behind the new flat earth movement and people like Mark Sargent, the guys do a quick overview on their thoughts on the newest internet craze — the flat earth movement.

Episode 03: The Illusion of Choice (No, you can't choose what you want)

Covering everything from horse barns to Phillip Morris, the guys discuss how just a few companies own almost all the brands you know and love. No matter what, you are going to have a hard time making a true choice in today's market. From cleaning supplies to coffee, the illusion of choice is all around us. So, grab your favorite brand of chips (don’t worry, they’re all the same) and settle in for this week’s episode!

Visualizations of Who Owns Whom:

Episode 01: How to Lose Weight Fast!

Ringing in the new year with a new episode, new hosts, and the same old jokes. New hosts Brice and Michael join Kiko in helping you fake your way through topical conversations. In the spirit of “New Year, New You” the guys cover all the different ways you can (or maybe won’t) lose that holiday weight

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