Episode #2: Fad Diets

Another day, another mic issue.  But a different (slightly less annoying) one this time!  In a rush to get our podcast recorded before the guys had obligations this afternoon, we didn't realize that the room mic was the one recording.... not our personal ones.  Sort of a let down.  So you hear the occasional background noise of puppies and Rick's lovely wife working on some stuff in the mix.  But never fear, we are getting better!  I am confident we will have an even more listenable show next week.

This week, the guys take on "Fad Diets".  They jump in and talk about Weight Watchers, South Beach, Adkins, Paleo, and then some crazy ways people try to lose weight.  We hope you enjoy the show this week and would love it if you subscribed on iTunes and rated us 5 stars. It really helps us out a lot!  Just search for "Pretend to Know" and subscribe!

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ITUNES UPDATE: We have discovered it takes a while for the show to appear in the actual iTunes store.  BUT, if you use the podcast app, search for "Pretend to Know" and subscribe you should be able to see the shows right when we post them.  For some reason episode two is only showing up after you subscribe. Thanks for listening!