Episode #24: Insane Laws and Loopholes!

New year, new episode, new schedule!  Your favorite show about faking your way through conversations is back and will be serving up new episodes twice a month in 2k16.

This episode the guys talk about insane laws that are still enforced all around the world, and Rick covers some awesome loopholes and technicalities that attorneys much better than Kiko have figured out over the years.  Remember to chat with us on facebook.com/pretendshow!

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Episode #22: Days off, Holidays, and Why we took August off

We. Are. Back.  We may have taken a whole month off, but it definitely wasn't because we were so busy in our real life.  No... it was because we were doing research for this week's episode!  In this episode the guys talk about how America stacks up to other countries in paid time off, hours worked a week, and some crazy holidays out there! 

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Episode #19: Conspiracy Theories!

The guys are joined by their friend Rob Friendt and they discuss some of their favorite strange conspiracy theories.  They are pretty sure that they are being tracked by the FBI now.  So, hopefully the show continues.....

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Episode #18: The Smartest Animals!

Back from vacations and a hiatus, the guys chat about a list of smart animals they found.  Tune in to learn some random facts you can bust out at cocktail parties, and to hear the guys make each other laugh a lot.

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Episode #17: The Booze Show!

The guys get together and chat about the fuel of this podcast, Booze!

Craft beer vs. the big guys, Ricky apparently made prison wine, and you are probably getting screwed at your local bar.

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Episode #16: The Deep Dark Web

Rick is back from off shore and we went to the listener mail bag for this episode.  Its WAY less nerdy than you think, and there is a whole lot more internet than you ever knew.  Trust us. This episode has it all, drugs, guns, porn, human rights!

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Episode #11: Superstitions

After a week off, the guys get ready for Friday the 13th by checking out the origins of some popular superstitions.  Black cats? Mirrors? Salt? Ricky talking about Carlton Banks?! This episode has it all.

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Episode #10: Geniuses

Ever wonder why we call people Geniuses?  Well, so did Sara from Ohio.  We decided we would do a show dedicated to the term, its origins, and what it means today.  Hopefully you like it!  We had a lot of fun today so it is an extra long show.  Remember we need those ratings on iTunes, and reviews.  

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Episode #8: GMOs! (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Out of the pile of listener suggestions, this week the guys talk about GMOs.  Where did they come from? What does it even mean?  Is it going to kill me?  Most importantly, will it make me a genetically modified superhero?

Most of these questions are answered this week!

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Episode #7: Oil Prices

How great is it to fill up the tank in your car for half the price it was in the summer?  How tired are you of hearing the news talk about tanking oil prices?  Well, since the guys both work in (at least partially) the oil industry, this week they cover the topic from top to bottom.  Check it out! You just might learn something.  Maybe not.  You just might laugh.  Maybe not.  Also, be sure and tune in for the giveaway the guys offer this episode.

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Episode #6: The Why Show

Hey everyone!  I wanted to start off by thanking you for your support.  Our listener numbers keep getting higher and higher and it is because of you.  Thanks.

This week we discuss answers to life's burning trivial questions.  Why are traffic lights red, yellow, and green?  Why popcorn at movies? Why do trick birthday candles light up again after you blow them out?  All of these mysteries and more are revealed on this weeks show!

Episode #5: Gambling!

Sorry we have been off on our timing guys, between the holidays and some traveling our schedules haven't quite been synced up. 

But here we are, back with a super sized episode on gambling!  In this episode we chat about how casinos keep you in a trance, cover some popular casino games, and try not to giggle through Ricky saying "Craps" a bunch.  We hope you enjoy it... because we are going to be late with our episode next week too (Rick is celebrating his one year anniversary in Mexico.)  

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