America's Roadside Attractions

Why are roadside attractions such a part of Americana? An what does it have to do with a giant elephant? The guys cover the weird history behind the world's largest ball of twine, bottle of ketchup (catsup), ball of paint and everything between!

Old Wive's Tales

Ever wonder where some of those crazy sayings that your grandparents, parents, and friends have been repeating forever? So did the guys! So they jumped in on a bunch of them this week trying to figure out all about old wives’ tales!


This week the guys talk sleep. From REM Sleep, to sleep deprivation, to what your sleeping position says about you. Its a real snooze fest… tune in!

The Illusion of Choice (No, you can't choose what you want)

Covering everything from horse barns to Phillip Morris, the guys discuss how just a few companies own almost all the brands you know and love. No matter what, you are going to have a hard time making a true choice in today's market. From cleaning supplies to coffee, the illusion of choice is all around us. So, grab your favorite brand of chips (don’t worry, they’re all the same) and settle in for this week’s episode!

Visualizations of Who Owns Whom:

The Mandela Effect

The guys tackle the Mandela effect this week. Is there something you are so sure you remember, but you find out you were all wrong? Not only that, all of your friends are also wrong in the same way? Well, strap in and check out the Mandela Effect.

How to Lose Weight Fast!

Ringing in the new year with a new episode, new hosts, and the same old jokes. New hosts Brice and Michael join Kiko in helping you fake your way through topical conversations. In the spirit of “New Year, New You” the guys cover all the different ways you can (or maybe won’t) lose that holiday weight

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