Pet Door AI, Ghost Blimps, The Cat Mayors

This week the guys talk go a little cat heavy… on accident. They talk about a programmer who is using AI on his pet doors, Cats who are mayors of real towns, and a ghost blimp. All of that plus What Beer Did You Drink, Hyperthetical question and Kiko’s favorite YouTube video.

Cognitive Dissonance (And Marty the Turtle)

This week the guys talk about something that happens to all of us, but maybe we didn’t know it existed. Ever wonder how you can make a choice you know might be bad for you, but then you just come up with a reason why it’s ok? Well jump in for that, talk about a turtle named Marty, a Cucumber Song, and why Brice is THE Halal Guy.

Micheladas and Kool Aid

This week is a little loose, but was still a great time. The guys go over what blew their mind (one is way less depressing than the other) and highlight Brice being featured on NPR in Kansas City. More “real” topics next week!

Common Misconceptions

This week the guys go over a TON of misconceptions that everyone just thinks are true. But they are not. They also have a jumbo sized "blow your mind" segment and "what beer did you drink?". I know what you are thinking and yes.. this is different than the "Old Wive's Tales" episode.

The Current Wars (Tesla & Edison)

Mike and Kiko read a book and became obsessed with Tesla and Edison. One was one of the most brilliant minds ever and one guy killed elephants and dogs to prove a point. Also this fight could be the reason we have modern law firms. And there was a rich guy in Pittsburgh with a private railroad.

Kiko's a Dad!

This episode is a little all over the place, but after a week off the guys are back! Kiko is a dad now so they discuss that and go through what blew their mind. Also, a HUGE surprise is revealed from podcasts past.


The guys decided to extend one segment across the whole show…. aka the guys wanted to talk about beer. So they did. For a long time. Check it out to learn the history of beer, where we are today, and don’t forget what blew our mind this week!

Flat Earth?

The guys became obsessed with the Netflix documentary “Behind the Curve” so they did an episode on it! While its mainly about their thoughts on the reasoning behind the new flat earth movement and people like Mark Sargent, the guys do a quick overview on their thoughts on the newest internet craze — the flat earth movement.

PTK on the Road (San Diego Mini Episode)

Sorry for the late episode guys! The PTK team went on the road for a good friend’s bachelor party. They had every intent on recording an episode from San Diego…. but it was a bachelor party. The good news is, they did cover what blew their mind! So enjoy this mini episode and we will be back to normal next week!

The Darwin Awards

From last week’s dangerous animals to people that “take themselves out of the gene pool”… this week the guys discuss the wackiest ways out there that people earned themselves the least prestigious award we could think of!

America's Roadside Attractions

Why are roadside attractions such a part of Americana? An what does it have to do with a giant elephant? The guys cover the weird history behind the world's largest ball of twine, bottle of ketchup (catsup), ball of paint and everything between!

Old Wive's Tales

Ever wonder where some of those crazy sayings that your grandparents, parents, and friends have been repeating forever? So did the guys! So they jumped in on a bunch of them this week trying to figure out all about old wives’ tales!